Our Team

Swantje Knüwer

Teamleader, Satellite Software
"She is our boss and the one who convinced us to take part in the CanSat competition. She is responsible for the software in the satellite. As the leader, Swantje is also responsible for coordinating everything in the team." - Marius K.

Joscha Knobloch

Hardware, Software Ground Station, Circuit Board construction
"He is our 'allrounder' and works on all parts of the project. He is very well versed in technology, and his main area of responsibility is the hardware for the satellite and all other areas." - Gianluca M.

Lennard Anders

Construction of the Case, Hardware
"He is responsible for all the AutoCAD work. He creates the 3D Models for our CanSat, which will be used for the 3D-Printer to print the casing. Furthermore, he works on the hardware." - Nicolas N.

Gianluca Müggenburg

Ground Station Software
"Together with Nicolas Nierentz, I work on the ground station, and my main responsibility is the real time display during the CanSat launch. I also translate parts of the website into English" - Gianluca M.

Nicolas Nierentz

Ground Station Software
"He is our software and English expert. He has been supporting the team since the European CanSat competition." - Swantje K.

Marius Kriworuschenko

Finances, Public Relations, Planning
"He is our finance, planning, and public relations expert. He also is responsible for keeping an eye on the team and our deadlines. He has also tried to acquire some sponsors." - Joscha K.